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Saab 900 SPG – Thinking men’s car…

Saab 900 SPG

In case you missed it, California old school Porsche nut Magnus Walker checks out Saabs in NYC, in his video serial “The Next Big Thing”. In fact, it is a special Saab, the 900SPG (Aero) model, which over time has won the hearts of many car enthusiasts across America. And as time goes on, there are more and more of them.

The comments below this video also show that it is really an exceptional, timeless car, which indicates the enthusiasm of a large number of motorists who are not exclusively Saab fans. “The Saab 900 SPG might have grey hair, but it still looks damn good in a black leather jacket.” Just one of the comments, while the other describes the emotion even better: “That’s the strange thing about Saabs… they’re kind of built around a temperament, a mindset, not around performance. I’ve always felt like you could go much faster than the brakes would allow… but in a weird way I think the creators never intended for you to use 100% of the power. It’s more of a leisurely adequate power with not great breaks and lovely handling. Definitely about the experience of the drive, not how fast you can complete it.”

If you have watched this video and read some of the comments, you can see that this car carries great emotions, and that it is not all in performance (although it does not lack them). The character of the 900 SPG had my full admiration from its inception. These cars always exuded a sensible, classy quality. The early SPGs were the cars to beat in their time. A common criticism of other cars back then was often “it’s no Saab Turbo”.

Most former owners of the 900 SPG, those who at one point decided to sell the car, admire the engineering behind the Saab car and claim it was a real “driver’s car“. The Saab 900 has always been adored by fans of the brand and the turbo was fantastic but as for will it ever reach super expensive territory of Classic cars? Maybe, but that’s what makes them great they are very attainable for a person wanting to get into classic euro cars (in US).

“These cars are a blast to drive.They handle a twisty back road better than any other front wheel drive car I’ve ever driven and are quick enough to put a smile on your face.” – These are just some of the opinions expressed by the viewers of the video. SAAB was an amazing company that went above and beyond to make their cars as useful to the owner as possible.

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  • Yes wonderful practical cars.
    I still drive a Saab having owned 15. All types 9oo , 9000, and 9/5.
    I have read that what killed Saab was the cost to build them, as they took no short cuts in design and construction. The thin “A” pillars on a 900 are double sleeved to achieve strength while maximizing vision. The new thick pillars on modern cars can hide an approaching car at a certain angle.
    My son survived a flying “up in the air” roll over in a 900, went home had a shower and went to bed.
    In a lesser car he would have been hurt.
    These cars speak to the practical, active, structured and organised types of owners.
    They are not boy racer types or land yacht soft ride aficionados.
    If you can find a good older Saab grab it, as I have NO trouble finding parts.
    9000 Saabs are also not to be past over. Very practical and FAST.
    Enjoy your Saab, they are timeless.

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