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Saab 900 – Inspirational video

Saab 900Saab 900

Paul-alexis Baldassare Albert created a great inspirational Saab video using his beautiful 1989 Saab 900.

Excellent camera, good editing and brilliantly blended music, all this makes this video – great. If you look at the comments below the video, you will see great comments,  and statements by some that it is precisely this video inspired to buy Saab 900:

Ze Butes: “Your video inspired me to buy a Saab 900, and I did. Thank you.”

And another comment: “This is simply beautiful mate!! Very inspiring!! Good choice of music. Just a treat to watch, listen and dream“:


  • I have a 900 1989 Hatchback in excellent condition . Original Owner. Looks really sweet!
    B202i w 5-speed M/T; Gauge kit in center console and original Saab Clarion

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