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Saab 900 Club Meeting in Black Valley

2021 Saab 900 Meeting Hungary

There are several large Saab clubs in Hungary, but also several specialized ones such as the Saab 900 Club Hungary (Saab 900 Klub Magyarország), which brings together only fans of the legendary 900 model. This is globally one of the most active and most organized Saab clubs in the world, and especially a club that is dedicated to only one brand model, all thanks to the founder Égő Ákos and of course its active members.

In May 2000, with a 1980 Saab 900 refurbishment behind him, Akos decided to organize a 900 community that would bring together fans of the already rare and special type and help with general problems. If the formation were to be dated, it would be March 10, 2000. Then, as the only club member, he created the first version of the SAAB 900 Club page. But the real boost for the club came from the Web forum.

The Screenshot of SAAB 900 Klub web page in Netscape Communicator
The Screenshot of SAAB 900 Klub web page in Netscape Communicator

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Saab 900 Club membership

At the very beginning, due to the affection of the founders, this was supposed to be a club exclusively for fans of the 900 model, but things, as always in practice, went the other way. Nevertheless, they never ruled out fans of the younger types, and even the initial idea never materialized. They became a Saab club rather than a only Saab 900.

While initially the recruitment of Saab members was a goal, later they went to keep the real club members. The database has been growing since its inception, in 2007 they had 580 people in database, of which only 80 were real members. After that, they sent out a mail several times trying to filter out who was realy serious. At the end of 2017, Club had about 40 paying club members.

2019 Saab 900 Klub Magyarország
2019 Saab 900 Klub Magyarország

Saab Meetings

On August 20, 2000, the 1st SAAB 900 meeting in Hungary took place in the parking lot of the Transport Museum. By the end of the meeting, the club had 34 members with 8 new entrants. The club members present were also able to receive their laminated membership cards, which entitled their holder to discounts from the outset.

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21 years after the first meeting, the club is organizing a new gathering in two weeks! The current COVID measures provide an opportunity to hold their big summer meeting in Börzsöny this year. So they look forward to seeing all Saab fans on June 25-27, 2021. it will be their 36th Saab meeting in Furnace, the Black Valley! The venue has been reserved for them since last year. The accommodation is prepaid by the Saab club, the reservations are arranged by the club, so the participation fee and the accommodation fee must be paid in advance.

According to the current announcement of the organizers – 33 SAAB cars registered to date and 75 people are expected at Saturday lunch! But this is not the final number yet, it looks like they would come from Slovakia with at least 5 Saab cars.

Today is the last chance, unfortunately they has to close the registration on Monday:

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Premiere of a Film about Björn Envall at a Gathering

With the authorization of the creators, organizers will present an interesting documentary at the summer Saab meeting in Black Valley: ′′Thunder – Björn Envall, Godfather of the Saab 900′′

Some Dutch Saab 900 fans visited Björn Envall, the creator of Saab 900, in 2010, to talk about the past and future. Old plans are coming up and colleagues will appear as part of a garden party. 25 minutes movie clip with lots of unforgettable information. The film is in English, but they did the Hungarian subtitle.

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