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Saab 900 at The Amsterdam Dakar Challenge Rally

The “Amsterdam Dakar Challenge” is not classic Dakar Rally, but is apparently very similar and demanding.

So far the few Saab cars participated in this rally.

The Amsterdam Dakar Challenge is a 7.000 km. long roadtrip for charity. Participants gather in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with €500 max. cars (around $600). Being sponsored by companies and individuals back home, the aim is to drive to Dakar, Senegal in three weeks and getting the car there in one piece. Quite a challenge, considering the rough terrain that they have to tackle on their way.

After finishing in Senegal, the teams drive to Banjul, The Gambia where their cars will be auctioned. The money that is raised by the auction and the money raised back home are donated to local charities.

To capture the event, Beyond Borders Media team drove 2013 in this Saab 900 2.0i Coupe, here shown next to the road in the Western-Sahara.  At the auction it got 1350 euro  for Saab 900 which they donated to a local orphan project.

On the road they created a photo series to give you all an impression of the trip: Photoserie Saab 900 to Africa.