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Saab 900 as Cute Cartoon Car

Saab 900 Cartoon

Here is BFA3 student Li Wen Toh’s film “Virtual Critters“, and In this animated movie, the stylish Saab 900 plays a significant role.

Li Wen’s previous two films are: “Space Critters” ( and “Desert Critters” ( – the trilogy is now complete…or is it? According to the author’s words – The (completely unrelated) Critters Trilogy is now COMPLETE.

In a few words – super-cute animation and character (and car) design; and short plot – A brother tries to cheer his sister up after the loss of the family dog. Short film is Somewhat based on his life experiences and his family, which revolves around derpy dogs.

And, what to say about his Saab 900 – it looks as if it had fallen out of the perfect “Toys Story”; lovely, with fine details, only in the indications, but yet still recognizable Saab…

This Film features:

-Film by Li Wen Toh
-Music by Lucien Ye
-Sound Design by Derek Etman
-Voices by Nick Smerkanich, Audrey Olmos and Shaina Lynn Simmons

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