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SAAB 900 and “Witches Hats”

Saab 900 TV commercial from 1993Saab 900 TV commercial from 1993

This is another TV commercial for SAAB 900 from Magnum Opus Melbourne Advertising agency, from 1993.

The main creative behind these commercials was Robert Imhoff. In the late 1970ʼs Robert was approached by agencies and/or their clients to light TV commnercial productions in a similar manner to his stills. 

During the boom-period of the 1980ʼs & 1990ʼs Robert was fortunate to secure major high-end productions. When he first started his own production company he quickly decided not to be a director/camera operator, limiting his camera operation to selected projects.

This commercial, at the time a new model, Saab 900 was taken at airport, precise at the main runway, Avalon Airport in Victoria (near Melbourne).

Instead make a slalom between the “witches hats”, the Saab 900 passes through them…