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Saab 900 Aero – Review by Motornörd

Saab 900 Aero (SPG)

Motornörd  (Motornörd = enginegeek literally but petrolhead is probably more correct) is a very interesting automobile youtube channel  designed and created by a Swedish car enthusiast.  It’s a kind program for us who like vehicles of all its kind. He create different video reports in his free time and release new episodes every Thursday.

In one of the last episodes the author presents a fantastic Saab 900 Aero. In episode 38 we meet Torsten and his very nice Saab 900 Aero from 1987. Unfortunately, once, this Saab should have been scrapped (the car was completely destroyed and without most parts), but Torsten saved the car and completely restored it. The result is this – Fully equipped Aero (SPG) with 16v Turbo engine.

Enjoy watching this episode and one extra Saab car and a nice Saab story (click on CC in Youtube for subtitles in your language):

Once again, thanks to Torsten and the author of this car video channel on an interesting Saab story, this story may be an inspiration to rescue another Saab