Saab History

Saab 900 (1979-1993)

Saab 900 turbo

Introducing the first SAAB in history that needs no explanation. The new Saab 900 Turbo16-valve with Special Performance Group (SPG) is the first Saab whose intended purpose is as easily grasped from the outside as from behind the wheel.

It features special aerodynamic fairings, front and rear stabilizer bars, specially tuned shock absorbers, high-speed V-rated radials, the new 16-valve intercooled Turbo engine, leather seating, electric sunroof and fog lights. Supplies will be limited. So if you’re interested, you should act soon.

And be in the enviable position of not having to explain why you bought one, rather than the unfortunate position of having to explain why you didn’t… There were words from the Feb 1985 magazine ad. Sales commenced in the fall of 1978.

Saab 900 ad from 1985

The Saab 900 is a compact luxury automobile which was produced by Saab from 1978 until 1998 in two generations.