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Saab 9-5NG Aero XWD V6 – Expedition to Nordkapp

Agnieszka, Marcin, Julia i Joanna Gabrowscy are Real Saab family from Poland. This ingenious family owns several Saab cars (3 historic Saabs) and often organizes long journeys in a variety of places in the World. Of course, they use their Saabs in this journeys, and they record their impressions on a special site

They created a location SaabVoyage for the promotion of Saab tourism which has become recognizable brand in Social Media (Look at their social media accounts Instagram or Youtube).

As they say: “We show you our travels around the world, thru windows of our Saabs.” By using the standard 26 days of holiday yearly, they spend 60 days traveling thru Europe, in Saabs – of course.

Saab Voyage

And that’s not all, their next adventure is directed to the North Pole – or more precisely A winter expedition to Nordkapp! For centuries Nordkapp has been the great adventure for travelers. As a majestic landmark and a major destination it has drawn explorers, royalty and tourists to the north. The steep mountain cliff rises 307 meters above the Arctic Ocean, and marks the end point of the European mainland.

Their Saab 9-5NG Aero XWD V6 is ready for adventure. Their plan is to leave Warsaw on December 23, heading north, to cross the Arctic Circle line on December 27th. Also, it is planned to spend NEW YEAR’S EVE AT NORDKAPP.

Saab Expeditions

Surely, for their new adventure, your help is also needed – you can help this Saab team through a donation. You can get more information through these e-mails: [email protected] and [email protected]