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Saab 9-5 Wagon Covered in Corks

Have any of you “experimented” with alternate treatments for your vehicles outside of paint? We’ve seen all sorts of uses for used wine corks: trivets, corkboards and wreaths. But a cork-covered Saab 9-5? What a Corker!

A car covered in corks known as ‘The Cork Car’ is seen parked on side street in NE Minneapolis.

This is definitely not something we would do, but you’ve got to admire the hours and hours of work and patience this person had. Every cork is lined up perfectly, as is every row.

However, for some this is art, and for some pure car ruin. Some are joking, so they say: “What a nice way to show off your drinking problem… And will never get a door ding.”

Saab 9-5 wagon corked

Saab 9-5 corked

We’ve seen all combinations of cars & trucks near us but this is the weirdest.

Now we’re wondering, how many corks does it take to cover a car?

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