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Saab 9-5 stereo upgrade (USB, SD-card, AUX-in, MP3 player)

SAAB 9-5 USB SD-card AUX-in MP3 player

If your good old SAAB 9-5 have an tape player, you might want to upgrade to the MP3 Music Player. ITT Group has created a MP3 Module upgrade kit for SAAB 9-5 original stereo.

This upgrade kit costs 114 euros and allows you to play Music from SD card, USB stick or Aux in (e.g. phone, player etc.). MP3 module for SAAB 9-5 original stereo is a set of hardware and software specially designed for SAAB 9-5 (1998-2005) by replacing old Tape module with new MP3 music player.

MP3 player is controlled over steering wheel buttons and SID buttons. As an option it is possible to order IR remote control option. MP3 player fits to SAAB 9-5 model years 1998-2005 without navigation and with Tape module. Module consists of AVR-CAN microcontroller, MP3 player, panel (3D printed), cables and fastenings needed for installation. MP3 Player is installed into Tape insert socket and microcontroller replacing the mechanical tape mechanism inside the stereo. Installation need electronic skills, including soldering and reading electronic documentation.

SAAB 9-5 MP3 Player installation

After Installation of MP3 Player

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