Saab 9-5 on the test-track Hällered

Second day in Trollhaten we started early tour of the production facility and comes out the new Saab Saab vehicles on a single production line, which they characterized as a state-of-art.

After introductory presentations Gunnar Brunius executive director of production which has presented the production capabilities of the factory, technical and technological base, the presenter can drive hosts us through all the production facilities of the body shop to Launch Centre where the final department in charge of testing new cars.

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At the beginning of each production shares are production plans so that everyone involved in the production process know exactly what the target and how psotigli of it, and how corrections should be taken. It is interesting that some pathway reporters work in the factory seemed “slow”, and that there is no race within the manufacturing plant, to Gunnar explained that neopterećujući (the workers primarily) rhythm provided thanks to the optimization of jobs, increase the efficiency and ergonomics.

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For these metal roll formed all Saab

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Factory tour we finished briefing before starting the test track Hällered away about 90 kilometers from Trollhättan actually belongs to a Volvo.

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The Hällered complex belongs to Volvo, but each other Saab and Volvo are the services, so that Saab uses their test ranges, while Volvo Saab uses wind tunnel. Of course, because of professional secrecy Hällered whole complex is surrounded by a wire energized, and we were provided before entering the discharge contract-statement that what we do not pass in the media, also of entry and admission to the indoor test track, the employees of Volvo took steering wheel and all present had all recording devices move into the trunk.

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Organization of Saab wonder, in the center of the track, the paddock, oraganizovan is a little press center with appropriate catering and everything needed for a conference of electricity for laptops dobroadband wireless network. All the journalists had the opportunity to personally in as much as they would like to ride in circles Shining Path with appropriate barriers such as slalom and test “northern deer” – karaktersitičnog test the stability and manageability to the sudden change of direction.

I tell you what, the new Saab 9-5 is superior to asphalt, no errors, no swerve passes the test of server deer, as long CORNER and turns freely, you can force it to the limit – in this slice long curve 9-5 is surmounted with the unthinkable 140 km / h with wheels firmly “Glued” for August.

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All this, allowed the strongest driveline – V6 engine 2.8-liter that delivers 300 hp all in combination with XWD drive to all four wheels. The V6 enables this giant potero to 100 km / h in just 6.9 seconds.

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Since this is the model with the highest Aero equipment, the 9-5 had it all, and enumerate only the most striking: electric sports seats adjustable in all directions and angles, with perforated leather which is cooled and heated by a system and reactive head restraints, to -xenon adaptive lighting, head-up display for the most important parameters of travel in the navigation, navigation system with 8-inch LCD touch screen, there is the Harman-Kardon sound system with 11 speakers, sports suspension and suspension, then Infotainmen system with all the hard disk and USB connector, 19-inch alloy wheels and keyless unlocking and starting the vehicle on the button …

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All in all I am delighted with the new 9-5 model that will at attractive prices certainly take their share of the premium market, But Saab’s commitment to build a “car around man-driver” and giving it to him in complete surrender. I have a lot of footage, so I’ll successively published in this place, with lots of interesting stories related to this Scandinavian brand.

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