SAAB Tuning

SAAB 9-5 Nordic-R

SAAB 9-5 Nordic-R is an extremely modified SAAB 9-5 the first generation that is a masterpiece and a true indicator of the quality, strength and endurance SAAB’s engines and components.

Car owner Andy Gidlund who is a big fan of SAAB, under the hood left the original Saab’s engine block and literally almost every part of the original (factory) with the major modifications to the injection system, change the folder control unit (ECU), larger turbocharger and all that goes in series to extract more power from the engine is relatively small volume.



Motor Factory label B234R got better, improved camshafts, new rings, valves are now larger in diameter, and there is a hand-made intake manifold with large air filter. Overboost is performed by massive Turbonetics turbocharger Precision Race 6262 which has perhaps the largest role in this because it operates at a high 2.2 bar.

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