SAAB 9-5 European tour in Budapest

At the beginning of November in the big SAAB 9-5 European tour this sort of auto -caravan visited Budapest , where they were under the auspices of the regional representative company of Polar Mobil gathered representatives of dealers from across the region , as well as journalists and media representatives.

Lately there are many news coming from Saab . In Sweden, the publicity , the interest in SAAB exceeds Cal and traditional interest in the Swedish royal family. From the moment he entered the Saab reorganization process on 20 February , there was much speculation about the future of the manufacturer . Now , we can all put it behind us . Financing the new Saab is almost completely assured. Koenigsegg Group represents a unique combination of innovation , entrepreneurial spirit and financial strength , which, combined with Koenigsegg ‘s proven ability to create world-class the Swedish super sports car , creates a synergistic effect with Saab .

As for the product a new era began in 2006 with renowned Aero X model , followed by a few interesting models . All symbols Saab road paving , and what you can expect from Saab . The last representative of a major new hope are entirely new Saab 9-5 . Manufactured in the factory in Trollhattan reputation , which is one of the most effective vehicle production plants in Europe . As one of the most important ” ingredient” of the new Saab 9-5 is a model back design , development and production of Saab ‘s car back to Sweden . It’s a Saab allow to create small , innovative organization that can fully exploit the full potential of the brand Saab .

What is the new Saab ? First of all , the model 9-5 is expected to strongly focus on environmental performance and lower values ​​of CO2 emissions , but without prejudice to any known good performance. The new 9-5 continues a 4-cylinder turbo strategy and offer leadership in the class as far as driveability and driving pleasure . Of course , you can count on the advanced Saab design and products that meet all the requirements to be able to compete in the premium segment. No other Saab has received so many positive comments from customers compared to direct competitors such as Audi or BMW .

When designers started developing new Saab 9-5 , their ambition was to offer a completely new and truly premium vehicle with superior build quality , a strong prevalence of typical Saab design , outstanding sportiness and performance to the highest level of responsibility towards the environment and the actual security. New 9-5 is extremely competitive in respect of the exciting but oodgovornu performance . What do you say to a 1.6 liter turbo engine with 180 hp and 160 hp turbo diesel with emissions of just 139 g CO2 .

The new nine – five epitome of a progressive Scandinavian design inspired by the already famous Aero X concept and Saab’s rich heritage .

Like all Saab prethodnivi this sports sedan facing the driver with prominent engineering that seeks strong athletic performance. As expected, the rich high-tech innovations such as Head- Up Display , which projects the image onto the windscreen , adaptive bi- xenon headlights , adaptive cruise control speed , there is a contactless unlock and start the vehicle (no more conventional key ) and much more.


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