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Saab 9-5 DIY: Coolant Bypass Valve Replacement

Saab 9-5 Coolant Bypass Valve Replacement.jpgSaab 9-5 Coolant Bypass Valve Replacement.jpg

Here’s the new video from Trionic Seven production. This time, it’s a topic Coolant Bypass Valve Replacement on Saab 9-5.

In the Saab 9-5 there is a valve (Coolant Bypass Valve or Heater Bypass Valve) in the cooling system that is prone to failure, resulting in leaking coolant. The leakage can be sudden and the car can loose a lot of coolant in a very short time. If unlucky, this can happen on the highway and result in an overheating engine.

Below, see the DIY video instructions:

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