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Saab 9-5 “AeroR” 2.3T Biopower by GDM Performance (408hp/666Nm)

Swede Mikael Bergvall has invested a lot of work, money and effort into his powerful car over a number of years. The result is a marvelous Saab 9-5 Sportcombi that develops over 400 horsepower.

The car is a Saab 9-5 Aero MY00 that was made in 1999, wich makes it the first year of the Aero-model.  He bought the car in February 2012 and at that point it had just passed 150,000 km and was used as a Familycar by the previous owner.

Saab 9-5 with Superb-Sound-System

at the very beginning of the project, improved the audio system into something a really serious Sound System producing just over 150db. But when he was tired of this type of (Sound) tuning, he turned to another type of improvement – Performance tuning. It started with a Stage 3 ethanol-convert with a 3″ Exhaust and about 310ps (supposedly).

Saab tuned by GDM Performance

Then when he broke his first Gearbox, he thought it would be a good idea to build a stronger engine with B234-pistons and conrods for more strenght.


After that, he went on to improve another B235 enginge and he started to build a new engine on the side and it really escalated quickly. The first great improvement for this engine was the addition of a new turbocharger TD04HL-19T #7.  It was an excellent backbone for a real performance machine.

Tuned Saab 9-5 Sportcombi

And when the engine was done Mikael started working in the chassis and tried trackdays for the first time, and then he was hooked.

The car is tuned with a full Biopower-software and makes 402HP (408ps) and 491,3ftlbs (666Nm) on E85-fuel with a softer torque-curve to prevent wheelspinn.

A video clip of the car in the dyno you can see below:

It has proven to be pretty fast as it pulls even with a 448hp BMW e90 335 and has easily outrun pretty tuned Volvos.

Below you will find a full list of improvements that Mikalen makes to his car:

  • B235R-engine
  • B234L-pistons (machined 1,3mm for B235 headgasket)
  • B234L-conrods
  • B234L-camsafts
  • Harder valvesprings
  • Stainless headers
  • Lightened flywheel (2,2kg lighter)
  • Removed and plugged Balance-shafts
  • Balanced crankset
  • Renovated enginehead
  • EXD (ARP-type) Headbolts
  • Mitsu TD04HL-19T #7 -Turbo
  • Kingcobra(Aero 06- intake pipe)
  • Custom Intercooler 550x330x76mm
  • 2,5″ aluminum pressure pipe
  • MAF moved to pressure pipe
  • Siemens Deka 875cc injectors
  • 044-type Fuelpump mounted in-tank
  • 3″ full exhaust with 100-cell race-cat

Saab 9-5 Aero

  • FM55B05-gearbox
  • Quaife LSD
  • 6p sinterclutch with original aero pressureplate
  • D2 coilovers
  • Strutbar in front
  • BBS Challenge 18×8,5″ custom painted yellow
  • Federal 595 RS-R 245/35-18
  • EBC Yellowstuff front & rear with slotted rotors (bigger brakes is on the next-to-do-list)
  • Racing seats in front
  • Removed rear seat
  • Racing steeringwheel

Saab GDM Performance

Also, you can follow Mikaela on the instagram.

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