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“Saab 9-5: A Personal Story” by Anders Tunberg

Saab 9-5 - A Personal Story

We present you a really great book dedicated to Saab cars. Book is Recommended for any serious Saab 9-5 driver who is interested in indepth background. The book is named “Saab 9-5: a Personal Story” published by Norden Publishing House from Switzerland, and the author of the book is Automotive journalist Anders Tunberg, he is the author of several other excellent books with Saab themes.

This book (in depth ) covering all aspects of the design and build of the iconic Saab 9-5 saloon and estate. How much this book is detailed – we can see from the section of the book on the solution of the suspension on the model 9-5. The section on the development of the rear suspension made us smile.

It describes the choice of suspension as ‘Pre-defined‘ which obviously means ‘GM dictated use of the Opel hardware‘ but then goes into how they tested it and found it produced an ‘unacceptable chassis pivot point’ so re developed the mountings and bushings to get the the system to work in a way that got it to ‘drive like a Saab’. We can only imagine how GM engineers felt after reading this book (if any of them read at least a portion of this book).

Book about Saab 9-5

Anyway, author in this book discovers the philosophy, design, structure, and other aspects of how a car is created and shaped and moved into the market. The book tells you the complete story about the Saab 9-5 development with many detalis, personal interviews and a lot of interesting photos. It’s a “must be” for any Saab 9-5 fan or owner. This car has been usually called “the last true Saab”, and after reading this book you clearly understand why. Once you have read it, you’ll appreciate your 9-5 even more.

Saab 9-3 book by Anders Tunberg

Also, he wrote another similar book, but about the 9-3 model.

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