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Saab 9-3SC 2.8T V6R Spitting Flames & HUGE Sounds

Nordic Tuning Dalarna workshop worked well on its tuning project and additionally boosted their project car Saab 9-3SC 2.8T V6R, now to 420 hp!

Exhaust and the whole tuning package is made by Nordic Tuning Dalarna, and now the package includes the following upgrades: 19t turbo, Siemens 875cc, E85, clutch + flywheel, full exhaust system, decat, DO88 IC.

Robert Uhr has filmed their Nordic Extreme machine making some serious noises.

Saab 9-3SC 2.8T V6R Nordic St3
Saab 9-3SC 2.8T V6R Nordic St3

Their Super Saab V6R is tuned and fitted with a straight piped dekat exhaust and you can hear car doing a series of loud revs, acceleration and “Spitting Flames”.

The exhaust system helps get the hot gases out the engine as quick as possible. The unburnt fuel hits the hot manifold and produces a flame, and of course – mapping is done within safe limits.

This is a feast for your ears and eyes: