Saab 9-3OG Underhood Insulation No Longer Available

Saab 9-3 OG underhood insulationSaab 9-3 OG underhood insulation

If you might be interested in this part, You may have heard that ORIO (a global supplier of Original Saab Parts) cannot supply the underhood insulation for Saab 9-3OG (900NG) 3 it is NLA ( no longer available ) and ORIO advised that the tooling used to make it was destroyed (?!).

Schnell saabs has been hard at work to find, locate a new manufacturer to supply it. Neil and Jack Dale are trying to determine what model years of 900 – 9-3’s the same hood insulation would fit?

An Saab OEM replacement underhood insulations

They also seek to calculate an estimate for the #’s, of cars extant, left that might need it. Can anyone hazard an educated guess what # the market might be? As well, do you know of a company that could, would produce it – An OEM replacement ( we imagine it could be re-engineered, upgraded to function better and last longer)

Information can be sent to this email

Saab 9-3 Viggen insulations

You can see in the pictures of the OEM underhood insulation and some visible heat-proofing materials from Thermo-tec, DEI inc, and JC whitney. Installed, fitted, deployed to help preserve underhood components from damage, degredation due to extreme heat and the expected normal free-radical deterioration.

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