Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1/18 Scale Model Replica by DNA Collectibles

The Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1998 1/18 Scale ModelThe Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1998 1/18 Scale Model

The guys from the “DNA Collectibles” team are not resting, and are constantly looking for new challenges, and this time they turned their attention to the legendary Saab model Viggen Coupe. Earlier, they had already made a scaled replica of Viggen, but in a convertible version, and is now up to a real recognizable sports coupe.

Speaking of scaled models, something needs to be said about the scale of scaling. The 1:43 scale is by far the most popular in the world, most manufacturers make them, and almost all “toy cars” are in that size. The scale of 1:18 (the scale used by the “DNA Collectibles” team) is a completely different story, and also very popular. Replicas are large, well over 25 cm and even larger, much heavier, and if they are detailed then they are bulky.

3 x Viggen
3 x Viggen

But even though these models are bigger and heavier, they offer a lot of details. It is not known what is more problematic at that scale: transport or storage on shelves. Therefore, such replicas are mostly sold without a hard plastic box, and the collector should figure out how to protect them from dust. And where to put them when the number in the car collection increases.

Sometimes manufacturers want to save money and make the model cheaper, so a lot of details are “lost”. Also, all 1:18 replicas have “openings.” So open, say, a cheaper replica and the door is bulky – hinges oversized! And to make the replica cheaper and lighter, the doors are without upholstery. And without a lot of details on the body or in the cabin.

Viggen interior details - the very convincing and realistic silver dashboard
Viggen interior details – the very convincing and realistic silver dashboard

Certainly, this is not the case with models coming from “DNA Collectibles” studio. Their models are large, but amazingly detailed. Their models are large, but amazingly detailed, and so it is with this latest model from the collection – Viggen Coupe. As it was in production, and scale models are offered in three winning colors – Icing on the cake, you can even choose the color of your choice: Monte Carlo Yellow, Black Metallic or Lightning Blue.

The Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1998 is now available to complete your 1/18 scale model collection, but for now, these are just prototypes, a prototype which is going to be improved during its production. If you order a model, you now receive a 10% discount (112.49 €, and the first deliveries start in the second quarter of next year, and for additional authenticity, all models have a unique chassis number.

Viggen detail - etched perforated front grill with a visible intercooler
Viggen detail – etched perforated front grill with a visible intercooler

DNA Collectibles team is very dedicated to details and realism rendering, that is why it is not surprising that there are many noticeable “Viggen” details such as: the sun roof, the triangle yellow Viggen badges on the front wings, and the “Saab”, the “Saab logo” and the “93” badges placed on the trunk. Not to speak on their behalf, here’s how they describe their commitment to this model:

To bring as much realism as possible and to level up the overall quality rendering, we always apply separate parts instead of just integrating them into the mould. If you have a close look, you will notice that we created a photo etched perforated front grill with a visible intercooler. The antenna, the side mirrors, the door handles, the spoiler and the oval chromed exhaust pipe are also separate parts added to the main body. Let’s finish this focus by looking at the front of the car with the very realistic engraved headlights and taillights from where you can actually see the bulbs, embellished by the small wipers on it.

Unfortunately, the Viggen coupe will not be able to be ready as a gift for someone this Christmas, but it will certainly make some Saab enthusiast happy afterwards, and especially some proud Viggean owner.

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