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Saab 9-3 TTiD in PH Carpool

Online magazine has an interesting section called PH Carpool in which owners explain the good and bad sides of their cars. In one of the most recent contributions in this column Carpooler was proud owner of Saab 9-3 TTiD.

Read the whole article in which the author presents all the advantages of the best Saab diesel models, but also problems, as well as ownership costs.

Things I love about Saab 9-3 TTiD:
“The torque. It’s had a remap and is currently at 230bhp and 375lb ft torque. It’s frightened more than a few hot hatches in a straight line! The torque makes motorway cruising a doddle too, very rarely do you have to come out sixth gear. Around town and behaving yourself it rivals superminis for economy, which is nice to know, sitting in your heated leather seat. The exclusivity; you don’t see that many of them about, especially a white Aero. And to my eyes it is a very good looking car.”

Saab 9-3 1.9 TTiD

It is interesting and what they say commentators on this text:

…Full SAAB UK (Orio) network and the parts, including body panels etc seem more readily available than when SAAB Automobile were in existence…

…DPF issues can be cured/helped by thrashing the living daylights out of it for one day in every four, but then you may end up with a big bill for a duel mass flywheel and clutch replacement!…

…A good looking, fast, comfortable, well specced car at a decent price…

…I have a similar Aero TTID and can agree with the comments made. DPF regeneration can be fine if you do enough mileage (as I do), takes about 5-10 minutes at over 60 to get the filter down from over 70% (regen activation point) to around 8%. Even less if you can get it hotter. For me this happens every 550 – 650kms. I have eSID which displays all this data in the instrument panel. Trying to resist remapping at the moment! Here’s mine at a recent Sunday Service – standard apart from Hirsch diffuser and grille…

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