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Saab 9-3 Time Attack at Maptun Performance – Team Wigge Racing

Saab 9-3 Daniel Wigge Wigren"Old" Saab 9-3 - Daniel Wigge Wigren

Maptun Performance have been a sponsor and engine tuner for Swedish Time Attack team Wigge Racing since 2017. In 2019, Daniel “Wigge” Wigren, enters his 5th season in the Time Attack series.

Daniel is participating in the Club Challenge class. Wigge got the Saab 9-3 back in 2010, completely stock, initially planning to use it as his daily driver. His father has always been a Saab fan and the choice of Saab came natural to Wigge.

Daniel Wigrens Saab 9-3 SS

– “The support from Maptun and their knowledge, parts and the MaptunerX is a great help for us”, Wigge says. The MaptunerX is a great tool for setting up the engine for different tracks and weather conditions but also for analysis. The goal for Team Wigge Racing is a top 5 total finish in the 2019 Time Attack Series.

CAR SPECS: Saab 9-3 SS AERO 2003

Fully forged 2.0L producing 450 hp
MaptunerX + software by Maptun
Custom exhaust by Ferrita

6-speed manual
Sellholm LSD

D2 front 8-piston calipers with 356 mm discs
D2 rear 4-piston caipiers with 330 mm discs
(Not installed in this video)

D2 custom coilovers

18×10,5” wheels with 295 mm tires

Full rollcage
Custom wide body and aerodynamics

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