Saab 9-3 Stiff Gear Tower Turret Repair Fix Kit (6 Speed Gearbox)

Here’s the solution to a pretty common problem on Saab cars  that have a 6-speed manual gearbox. Is your gear stick seized in position, or maybe it won’t return to neutral? Stiff to change gear? Difficult to find gears? Gear change vague and unable to select correct gear?

If your Saab is suffering from a stodgy feeling gear stick then this pivot pin replacement kit what you need.

The Stiff Gear Tower Turret Problem

The likely cause of the faults noted above and most common cause is a worn pivot on the gear turret. On the gear turret is a pivot point (illustrated below in Red) a pivot pin operates through a nylon sleeve; this is a poor design and the nylon breaks down over time causing the symptoms noted above. A small amount of play in this pivot translates to problems selecting gears.

Saab 9-3 Sport Stiff Gear Tower Turret Repair Fix Kit

VEHICLES AFFECTED: Saab 9-3 Sport 2002 onwards (6 speed manual)
Associated part numbers: 55556311, 55354731


British company X8R Ltd is dedicated to the supply of improved vehicle components, so this company made a kit pack for solving the problem. Their complete kit includes all needed to restore your turret to full health for life, restoring smooth gear selection.


All the tools to replace the pin are included and the instructions are nice and clear. The trickiest part is removing and reinstalling the gear turret back into the box which just takes a little manoeuvring. The whole process will take you around an hour from start to finish. Once back in and connected up the gear stick operates like new.

Stiff Gears Repair- Gear Turret Repair Instruction Guide

Their kit includes a new improved design pivot screw and self lubricating bush bearing, constructed to the finest of tolerances from improved materials to restore smooth gear selection.

Video Tutorial