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Saab 9-3 Sportswagon on H&R Custom Made Sport Springs

Saab 9-3 SportCombi - Sportfedern Sonderanfertigung

You haven’t heard of H&R suspensions yet? It is a very successful German company that perfectly develops innovative chassis and suspension components, and which applies technology transfer from international motorsport to ordinary road cars in this domain. In addition to various other touring car, GT and Monoposto racing series, H&R is also involved in Formula 1.

H&R – Experience gained in international motorsport

In this domain in which they have extensive experience, huge demands are placed on the material used due to the extreme dynamic loads on the spring elements. Due to all the above, testing of new materials and production technologies is possible in a fast way. So they do not specialize in just one car brand, but they develop suspension elements for all car brands and models, and even custom-made ones.

Saab 9-3 SportCombi von Vitali with H&R Sports Suspension Kit
Saab 9-3 SportCombi von Vitali with H&R Sports Suspension Kit

Made by H&R

The experience gained here flows directly into the development and production of springs, shock absorbers, stabilizers, wheel spacers and sports and coilover suspensions for road-legal vehicles. Every sporty driver can literally “experience” the result of these efforts: Chassis components “Made by H&R” are appreciated by the international motorsport and customers all over the world.

In addition, H&R chassis components are already available for the presentation of most new vehicle models, the range currently available includes parts for more than 2000 different vehicle models. Automobile manufacturers such as Porsche, AMG Mercedes, Volkswagen, MINI and BMW also rely on the know-how and flexibility of H&R for various special models.

H&R chassis components for Saab cars

According to their website, they do not have direct support and serial components for Saab car models, but they make them to special orders for our favorite Saab as well. That is why one of the many advantages of H&R is flexibility in development and production. If they do not have the product in the standard offer, then they will make special components for you in a short period of time, so that your Saab gets adequate sports suspension. This is the only way to optimally meet the diverse requirements in motorsport, in the development of prototypes and in the conception of customer-specific special solutions.

Custom Made Sport Springs for Saab 9-3 Aero Sportcombi

One proud owner of the Saab 9-3 Aero Sportcombi model turned to the H&R team to upgrade the already good suspension of the Aero models, and the result is unusual – the car has a special sporty look, lies in the curves, and above all (as you can see in the pictures and in the video) looks extremely good – a real rocket on wheels.

Der Saab 9-3 SportCombi von Vitali wurde mit einer H&R Spezialfedern Sonderanfertigung nach Kundenwunsch ausgestattet.

If you also want to breathe even more sporty spirit into your Saab, and if you want it to get an even sharper, sporty look, contact the HR team directly. Today, H&R employs around 100 highly motivated and well-trained employees who design, develop and produce springs, shock absorbers, spacers, stabilizers and other chassis components for customers and clients from all over the world.

Compared to the status at that time, the chassis was revised with a view to driving comfort and provided with modern H&R components

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