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Saab 9-3 sets standing mile record – 311km/h!


This fantastic Saab 9-3 sets new standing mile record for Saab 311km/h. This Saab of course is FWD, weight 1350kg without driver. Was dynoed with same set-up to 666bhp (601whp). Tyres normal Pirelli 205/60/16. Its amazing the 2.0 motor pulls just as good as the 2.3 engine.

You cab see In car video of record run. Contest 1700m trap 4.9.2010. Official result 313km/h / 194.5mph@1700m

Supposedly it is the 2.0L 4 cylinder on boost only. No nitrous, on gasoline. Engine internals with Saab original parts (pistons, rods, etc). 0-100km/h 6s 0-200km/h 12.6s 0-300km/h 27s 100-200km/h 6.7s 150-250km/h 8.6s 200-300km/h 14.3s 200-250km/h 5.2s 250-300km/h 9.1s 402m 13.04s @ 206km/h 1000m 276km/

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