Saab 9-3 returns as a whole-electric NEVS 9-3

NEVS 9-3 front-end

For those who have not heard – The Saab 9-3 is back! However, it’ll be called the NEVS 9-3, will be all-electric with a 186-mile range and built in China, in brand new factoryi n Tianjin.

Until there are  4 new  NEVS models, this “old” one the NEVS 9-3 is aimed at the Chinese market where it will be built initially at the rate of 50,000 units per year, rising to 200,000 a year at some point in the future. The first NEVS 9-3 rolled off a plant in Tianjin, China on Tuesday, marking an important step in NEVS’s plan to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility.

After many days and nights of hard work, it feels great to see these happy faces around NEVS's new EV!
After many days and nights of hard work, it feels great to see these happy faces around NEVS’s new EV!

NEVS, an electric vehicle maker based on 70 years of long Saab history, got approval by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) for new energy vehicle production license in January 2017.

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NEVS, which is owned 51 percent by Chinese-born #Swedish citizen Jiang’s National Modern Energy Holdings, broke the equivalent of the sound barrier in China autos when it emerged as the winning bidder for the assets of Saab in 2012, with the aim of transforming it into a leading electric carmaker.

Production of NEVS 9-3

DiDi ,Chinese version of Uber service, also a partner of NEVS, expects a NEVS 9-3 Sport Sedan EV to be a large part of need of their new charging network.

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NEVS' founder Kai Johan Jiang
NEVS’ founder Kai Johan Jiang

At the ceremony on the occasion of the launching of the NEVS 9-3 EV production, a large number of associates and partnera were present. Among the many officials were NEVS’ president Stefan Tilk and NEVS’ founder Kai Johan Jiang. Nice to see so many gathered when we held the opening ceremony of NEVS Tianjin factory on Tuesday.

 NEVS’ president Stefan Tilk

Ok, but, When can we see NEVS 9-3 on European roads? NEVS will launch mobility pilots in selected cities in Sweden and Europe during 2020!

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NEVS 9-3 rear end

Brand new NEVS factory in Tianjin
Brand new NEVS factory in Tianjin
Goran Aničić
the authorGoran Aničić
For over 10 years, Goran Aničić has been passionately focused on Saab automobiles and everything related to them. His initial encounter with Saab cars took place back in 2003 when the first Saab 9-3 and sedan version were introduced. At that moment, he was captivated by the car's Scandinavian design logic and top-notch engineering, and everything that followed stemmed from that first encounter. Later on, through his work at the editorial team of the Serbian automotive magazines "Autostart" and later "AutoBild," he had the opportunity to engage more closely with Saab vehicles. In 2008, he tested the latest Saab cars of that time, such as the Saab 9-3 TTiD Aero and Saab 9-3 Turbo X. In 2010, as the sole blogger from the region, he participated in the Saab 9-5ng presentation in Trollhättan, Sweden. Alongside journalists from around the world, he got a firsthand experience of the pinnacle of technological offerings from Saab at that time. Currently, Goran owns two Saabs: a 2008 Saab 9-3 Vector Sportcombi with a manual transmission, and a Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin Sport Sedan from the last generation, which rolled off the production line in Trollhättan in December 2011.

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