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Saab 9-3 Police Interceptor in Singapore

Although very far from Sweden, Singapore is full of beautiful Saab cars, just  recall members of the Saabstance Club and their Saab cars. And that’s not all, Saab cars in Singapore are also in the police service, or more precisely – they serve as police interceptors in a special unit of the Central Narcotics Bureau.

This bureau recently made several promotional videos for the purpose of educating and informing the citizens there about the activities of this unit. One of the videos is also dedicated to the car interception unit,  a unit that intercepts smuggling vehicles.

The Saab 9-3 belongs to this unit, and the STF officers of this department are trained to intercept in Saab cars. Here’s what this unit says about its work and safe use of the cars:

While attempting to evade arrest, desperate traffickers on wheels can pose great danger to the public. To contain these threats, there may be times where the use of force is necessary. Our STF officers are trained to make professional judgements and perform vehicle manoeuvres to contain the traffickers. While the moves appear to be risky, rest assured that public safety has and will always be our topmost priority. Due to the covert nature of our operations, you may be caught off-guard when this happens and for that, we hope to seek your kind understanding.
We train to perfection so we are always ready when justice demands pursuit.