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Saab flatbed Car Hauler that can tow Audis, BMWs and Mercedes

Saab 9-3 car transporterSaab 9-3 car transporter

Today SaabPlanet featured this Saab 9-3 that was converted into a six-wheel flatbed car hauler. This special adapted Saab 9-3 1.8t van, equipped with the hydraulic cranes, can easily tow high-end BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi cars and SUVs among others.

This Special Saab is created by a small private company called Solestad,  and now this three-axle vehicle is sold at a price of $33,400.

6x6 Saab car transporter (Solstad)
6×6 Saab 9-3 car transporter (Solstad)

Solstad was a company situated in Sweden who made different types of custom built cars based on Saabs, mainly car transporters and ambulances. Robert Solstad converted cars into “Special Biltransport” in a small town called Høgsby in Sweden for around 10 years.

Over time, the range expanded to include more specialised vehicles, such as camera cars and, their biggest seller, ambulances. All had three axles but retained front wheel drive.

Saab 9-3 pick up version
Unusual Saab 9-3 pick up version

All of those special vehicles have 6 wheels and have a stretched frame – or more precisely: everything from the b-pillars and back are custom built.  Maximum cargo on this Saab 9-3 Hauler is 1,660 kg (3,659lbs)

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