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SAAB 9-0 Blender Concept

Saab 90 blenderSaab 90 blender

Blender is capable of creating delicious natural smoothies and drinks, packed full of nutrients that’s easy for the body to digest. And I assume that everyone have in their household, but do not have such a nice SAAB blender.

This is product concept: SAAB 9-0 – Saab Inspired Blender Concept created by Logan McGee graphici and product designer from Philadelphia.

He created a interesting Saab blender in 3ds Max with inspiration and with distinctive elements of Saab design. All Saab lovers would love this blender in thier household :)

Saab 90 blender inspired by Saab

Saab 90 blender inspired by Saab

saab 90 blender