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Saab 8000 (Saab 960)

Saab 8000 ConceptSaab 8000 Concept

This is another interesting concept from Jack Ashcraft sketch book, whom we have already mentioned in post Saab 99 Truck. After a career in the USAF, Jack Ashcraft owned a Saab-Fiat-Citroën dealer and also raced Saabs and Fiats in hillclimbs and autocrosses in California. Jack has been involved with Saab automobiles since 1963, when he purchased a Saab 93F.

That kind of serious automotive addiction led him to study transportation and industrial design at Art Center. After graduating in 1976, he stayed in California and designed aftermarket parts, kit cars and aircraft and consulting for some major auto makers.

This brings us to his sketch blog and Saab 8000 concept (1985):
It was 1985, and Jack decided that Saab needed a smaller, fuel efficient coupe/sedan. As it happens, he also predicted a joint venture between Saab and Subaru, penning this vehicle with a flat-four Subie engine. Early pages tagged this design the “8000” while later pages have it running under the model name of “960.”

Saab 960
Saab 960

Saab 8000 has a nearly fully enclosed underbody (such as flat underbody in new Volvo S90 and good old Saab 96), with pipes for exhaust running under each rocker panel and muffler in the rear laying transversely…

Small “Spats” ahead and behind all four wheels improve airflow around wheels, below car. Rear skirts release  and hinge up for rear tire removal…

As a connoisseur of cars, cars parts and tools, Jack, in his sketches drawn the smallest details, just look at this example:

Saab 8000 door design

The Saab 9000 is meant to be a very light car – about 1700 pounds (770kg) – and its engine is to be purchased “out-side” as was the Ford V4 for Saab 96…

The Low nose dictates a low engine  – and the robust Subaru 4 with 100HP standard and 120 with a Turbocharger will give this lightweight Saab exceptional Performance…

Saab 8000 Underbody
Saab 8000 Underbody

Saab 8000 Interior

Saab 8000 interior
Saab 8000 interior

Be sure to look the rest of Jake’s sketch.


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