SAAB Tuning

Saab 666 Motorcycle

Saab 666 2-stroke bike

SaaBSA was first Saab two-stroke engine swapped in motorcycle, but of course, not the last. Björn Sohlberg Swedish enthusiasts successfully installed Saab 2-stroke engine on the frame of the motorcycle, and symbolically named – Saab 666.

According to the creator, the project is not yet finished, but he will be persistent.

Before the 3-cyl. the SAAB used a 2-stroke twin, both of which were copies of pre-war DKW engines. Those engines lived on in the later Trabant and Wartburg cars (among others), while the DKW motorcycle engines lived on in East Herman MZ and IFA bikes. The latter were also copied by BSA, Yamaha and – beieve it or not – Harley-Davidson!

DKW RT 125 plans were also taken to the United Kingdom where they became the basis of the BSA Bantam, and to the USA where they formed the basis of the Harley-Davidson “Hummer“.