Russians are returning to SAAB?

Russian banker Vladimir Antonov bought the Swedish car company SAAB. Also he will become the owner of production supercar Spyker . Value of the deal is estimated at 32 million.

Negotiations for the purchase of Saab from General Motors began two years ago. Take them to the company Spyker Kars , whose largest shareholder is the Antonov . But Americans are out against his participation in the business. Antonova are suspected of ties to organized crime . In order not to interfere with the job , 2010th he has sold all its shares in Spyker . And to refute the fabricated charges , hired a private detective. They have proved his innocence . And now the Antonov returned to the company .


Experts point out that the position saabai world now weak . Even the Russian market brand has certain problems whose solving must deal with the new owner , said in an interview with Voice of Russia chief editor Avtoizvestija Andrei Osipov .

Our consumers now generally believe that Saab cars very expensive in maintenance and are not reliable . In fact it is not. Everything will depend on the dealer, as he managed to fracture the image , set the correct price policy and to provide service for Saab cars in Russia .

Analysts believe that there is any basis to improve the position of the Saab. Decisive role it will play in the growth of this industry The industry expects , says Andrei Osipov . Taking into account the fact that our automotive market system now began to grow , and if nothing bad in the country and its economy does not, it will continue to grow , the Swedish brand has a future .

The other issue is that Saab has not been produced in Russia. Lately own factory pokernuli the French Peugeot Citroen and Korean company Hyundai . Volkswagen and Hyundai presented the new budget models. In Nizhny Novgorod began assembling vehicles of the new generation Chevrolet Aveo. A Russian koncernt Sollers agreed on forming a joint venture with Ford Motors .

And it can be an important plus in terms of competition the company will develop faster . And finally will gain the consumer , who will choose the higher range models and marks.

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