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Reviving the Forgotten New Zealand Saab 900S

Start Me Up Online Special - the SAAB 900S

The team of the local New Zealand car series called “Start Me Up” managed to revive a neglected and forgotten Saab 900S in a special online episode. TV Show “Start Me Up” is curious, amusing car show from New Zealand, a TV show, in which a team of enthusiasts finds overlooked, forgotten or abandoned classic cars around the countryside and start them up.

But, they most often come across car wrecks in which the engines are completely neglected because they have not been working for decades, so the chances of the engine restarting are very small. However, with the help of knowledge, suggestions and a little effort, they still manage to bring back the old car classics to life.

So far, this TV series has had 2 seasons of screenings and has garnered very notable reviews from audiences. At the end of June this year, a new episode was released with the neglected Saab 900S in the lead role, and you can watch the whole episode below:

his online-only edition is a lo-fi, chopped down version of the full show format. Interesting idea for a show where they track down cars that haven’t run for a serious number of years, some quirky vehicles and also covers some quite amazing car collections.

As one attentive spectator noticed, for us Saab connoisseurs of cars, Always is interesting when a newbie works on a SAAB. This was immediately confirmed in the comments by one of the actors in this series, adding that the more they learn about Saab mechanics, engineering solutions and Saab cars, the more they love them: “They are very reliable if serviced and driven regularly! True! They are a remarkable chapter in automotive history. Thoughtful and clever lot those Swedes!

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