Reviving SAAB’s Legacy: The Resurgence of Trollhättan’s Test Track

Resurrecting SAAB's Legacy: The Transformation of Trollhättan's Test Track into the 'Legacy Track' at Stallbacka's Industrial Campus

Inheriting SAAB's Legacy: T-Engineering, originally a spinoff from SAAB, proudly preserves the tradition by renaming the test track as 'Legacy Track.'Inheriting SAAB's Legacy: T-Engineering, originally a spinoff from SAAB, proudly preserves the tradition by renaming the test track as 'Legacy Track.'

In recent exciting developments at Stallbacka, the former SAAB automobile factory in Trollhättan, a new chapter has unfolded. T-Engineering, a company founded by several former SAAB employees, is set to take over the test course at this historic location.

This announcement has generated a buzz of anticipation and nostalgia among automotive enthusiasts and industry experts alike. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable revival and the transformation of Trollhättan into an industrial hub.

The Resurrection of SAAB’s Test Track

Once upon a time, SAAB, the iconic Swedish automaker, had its own dedicated test track on the classic SAAB grounds in Trollhättan. This track featured a long straight stretch, precise curves, and served as the backdrop for testing some of SAAB’s most iconic models, including the 9-5 Aero Hirsch, 9-3 Viggen, and 9-3 Turbo X. However, in the wake of SAAB’s challenges and subsequent closure, the track lay dormant, a relic of automotive history.

Enter T-Engineering

Fast forward to today, and the SAAB test track is poised for a remarkable revival. T-Engineering, a company with deep roots in SAAB’s legacy, has stepped in as the new custodian of this historic test track. Founded by former SAAB employees, T-Engineering is not merely reopening the track but has grand plans to make it a hub of innovation, testing, and automotive events.

Klas Lundgren, the enthusiastic CEO of T-Engineering, is at the forefront of this revival. He speaks with passion about the track’s future, emphasizing its immediate availability for use by automotive companies. Lundgren acknowledges that the demand for private test tracks among automakers of all sizes is substantial, as secluded testing is often essential for vehicle approval and safety evaluations.

Expanding Possibilities

What sets the SAAB test track apart is its versatility. With multiple lanes featuring different surfaces and inclinations, it’s a playground for all things on wheels. Beyond traditional vehicle testing, the track is well-suited for conducting crash tests and other specialized evaluations. T-Engineering envisions the track as a venue for organized automotive events, further enriching the automotive culture in Trollhättan.

T-Legacy Track

In a nod to its origins, the track will be known as the “Legacy Track,” paying homage to SAAB’s illustrious history. This renaming is a symbolic gesture, connecting the past with the future of automotive excellence in Trollhättan.

Recently, selected media representatives had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the NEVS Emily GT prototype on this very site:

Industrial Campus Development

The Legacy Track isn’t just a standalone venture; it’s a pivotal part of a larger vision. Trollhättan is undergoing a transformation into an industrial campus, with the Legacy Track serving as a crucial component. This campus, known as Kraftstaden, is set to become a dynamic hub of research and development.

Partnerships and Collaborations

T-Engineering’s presence at Trollhättan’s Legacy Track is just the beginning. The broader industrial campus at Stallbacka is poised to foster collaboration and innovation among various test facilities and research institutions. The potential for cross-disciplinary partnerships is immense, with experts and engineers converging to drive automotive technology forward.

Trollhättan’s Unique Test Capacity

Peter Eriksson, Chairman of the Trollhättan City Council, is thrilled by the developments taking place in the region. He recognizes that Trollhättan possesses a unique and extensive test capacity, making it a magnet for innovation in the automotive industry. As more facilities open up and make their equipment available, Eriksson believes that this collaborative platform will unlock unprecedented opportunities.

A Homecoming for Trollhättan

For many, the resurgence of the Legacy Track and the broader industrial campus represents a homecoming. SAAB’s legacy is deeply embedded in the fabric of Trollhättan, and the return of automotive testing and innovation to these hallowed grounds evokes a sense of nostalgia and pride.


The revival of SAAB’s Legacy Track in Trollhättan is more than just a reopening; it’s a renaissance. T-Engineering’s vision, combined with the region’s unique test capacity, promises to elevate Trollhättan to new heights in the automotive world.

As the Legacy Track opens its doors to automotive companies and enthusiasts, it also opens a new chapter in the ongoing story of innovation and excellence that Trollhättan has come to symbolize. With the Legacy Track at its heart, the Stallbacka industrial campus is set to become a crucible of ideas, collaborations, and advancements, driving the automotive industry forward into an exciting and sustainable future.


  • i hope they can make it a bit more challenging to drive on (more corner’s and tricky stuff) and have good prices.. the last two years kinnekullering (track close by) have doubled the prices etc. and there is to little track time for the demand. i hope we can get a good track where we can do 3, 6, 12 and 24 hoer racing at 😉
    i have not ben at this saab track.. i have driven past on the way to kinnekulle ring many times tho.

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