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Review by Doug DeMuro: Saab 9-5 NG

Saab 9-5NG

As he says, Doug DeMuro is “a critically acclaimed writer, in the sense that several Internet commenters have told him that he writes good“. According to some opinions, Doug is a very good auto journalist and critic, while some believe that he is ordinary dumb –  a fool who is eager for attention (or some even have a worse opinion of him).

Anyway, he created a new video fro his Youtube channel – Doug DeMuro did a video on the Saab 9-5NG. This video is intended primarily for those of you who are actually Saab enthusiasts, and for those of you who love Doug’s critiques and style.

He was not too well informed about certain things of the Saab 9-5 NG in our opinion. But overall we think it was a positive review of a car which dates from 2010:

We would like it was more positive, but at least it’s cool to see a SAAB featured on one of his video channel. According to the some reactions of viewers, it is also interesting that some have never even seen this car. The video is positive for some, for some are fun, and some did not like it: – “What a terrible review, after 8 years I’d think there would’ve been more knowledge before going in” – opinion of one of the viewers.  And, here’s a positive opinion from someone who is not a Saab enthusiast: “I hope you get 5 million views because this is one of the more interesting cars you’ve ever done!

We are wondering  if Doug’s opinion would’ve been different if he’d gotten hold of an Aero version.

Since we all suffered through Doug DeMuro’s typically snarky comments and video about the NG 9-5, let’s go back to a time when all looked bright and sunny save for Saab/Spyker not having enough money in the bank. After all these years we still like this video:

We must all admit, 9-4NG is Still one of the sexiest/quirkiest cars on the road.

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