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Retro Saab: Made in Uusikaupunki

Oh, sweet nostalgia…

From the factory in Uusikaupunki(Finland), from the production line came a huge number of beautiful Saab car. Today it is a modern factory that no longer produces Saab cars….

Such a gem of a picture from the Valmet Automotive archives – and true handicraft in car manufacturing. A Saab-Valmet pro giving the finishing touch to the Saab 96 body in May 1973 – Welding was still very much a manual work in the 1970s.:

Saab 96 in Valmet

Another gem – Saabs Model 1976 Year leaving the factory… probably in August and September 1975.

Saab 96 leaving the factory

And a delightful image from almost 50 years ago!

Painted Saab 95 and Saab 96 bodies are brought to Uusikaupunki from Trollhättan – the production started in Finland before the paint shop was taken into use:

Saabs from Valmet

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  • I used to work there at the Saab plant in Uusikaupunki in the late 80’s, early 90’s, when we built the 90/900/9000 models. Nowadays I live in the USA, and own a 1999 9-3 Convertible, made in Uusikaupunki!

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