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Retro Review: Saab 9-4X Aero – Rarest Saab Ever Made

Saab 9-4x

Saabkyle04, video blogger and Also Saab enthusiast, just finished editing his review of One of the rarest cars out there – 2011 Saab 9-4x Aero XWD.  It’s very interesting to watch this and see how the perspective on this vehicle had changed a little from your 2011 review when it was brand new.

For those to whom this model is unknown, we should say that the Saab 9-4x is a compact luxury crossover SUV and 9-4x intended to replaced the larger Saab 9-7x. As with all Saabs, it features some exceptional design touches including the electronic tailgate, ice-block headlights and blacked out B pillars reinforcing its aerospace heritage…

Saab 9-4x rear eed

Rarity is a big part of what makes ths 9-4x so valuable. Built on GM’s Theta platform, this premium SUV was one of the last cars that GM made and slapped Saab badges on. It was the first and only Mexican-built Saab, and According to information at the Saab Museum in Trollhättan, Sweden, only 814 Saab 9-4X units were produced.

Here’s a rare chance to see one of these up-close and learn what makes it so neat:

And yes, The Saab 9-4X Might Be the Rarest Regular Car of All Time!


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