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Restoration of the Sonett III Diecast Car Model

Saab Sonett III Diecast Model

On this blog of ours, we often dealt with the restoration of old and classic Saab cars, and we totally neglected an entire activity, and that is the restoration of models (Saab) cars. In addition to fans of classic (real) cars, there are a large number of fans of car models. Some of them have some models, mostly one of their favorite brands (such as Saab), while there are those who can be classified as real collectors (so there are dozens and hundreds of miniature car models in their collections).

When collecting car miniatures, they often come across those in a very bad condition, so they often need to be completely restored and given back the old shine they had. Sometimes it is done by collectors – enthusiasts, and sometimes they turn to experts for this type of restoration.

One such expert is the one who runs a Youtube channel dedicated to the restoration of miniature cars called “Diecast Resurrection”. In fact, it is a team that specializes in custom painting diecast model cars, Vintage Redlines, Matchbox, plus many more types of die-cast cars on this channel.

In one of the last videos, this expert completely restored it Saab Sonett III by Matchbox. In this video, you will see the detailed Matchbox No36 Saab Sonnet III restoration process. The restoration team did their best and adjusted the color to the original model:

This is a story about a love for cars, a story about the restoration of the famous Sonett III.

There are few real restorations today, restoration is a demanding hobby, it requires a lot of love, time, work, effort, money. Restoration involves disassembling the car into its original parts, replacing failed parts with new or repaired ones. When restoring an old-timer, it is often impossible to buy new parts, so you have to make many parts yourself.

The days of old craftsmen who knew how to make a body part out of a piece of sheet metal are long gone. There are many car collectors in the world, some of whom reach a value higher than real cars. Many of these people see in them an opportunity for wealth, given that recently a collection of 900 cars was sold for an incredible 281,000 pounds. At another auction, the 1970 Porsche 911 Turbo sold for £ 40,000, equivalent to a real model from the time.

There is currently a demand for classic cars, and many collectors are nostalgic for the specimens they grew up with. Not only for those who were relevant on the streets at that time, but also for those with whom they played at home as children. The pandemic has also had an impact on increased demand, as people explore new ways to spend money while working from home.

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