Representatives of NEVS in the state delegation that visited Germany

NEVS flag

NEVS was invited to join a Swedish delegation consisting of the Swedish King and Queen, ministers and representatives of prominent Swedish industries during the state visit to Germany 5-8th of October.

NEVS, represented by the Manager of Research affairs and Innovation, participated in the visit in both Hamburg and Berlin, where the topics of sustainable mobility, how to foster innovation and the new digital infrastructure were debated. The focus were the full integration of the movement of goods and people, as well as different modes of transportation and digital services. The city of Hamburg served as an example of increased logistical flow in its harbor (by a factor three thanks to intelligent mobility services) and effort to reduce the number of vehicles in the city center.

Mikael Damberg, the Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation and the Vice-Chancellor of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, both stressed the importance of innovative high tech industries for the two countries and the absolute necessity of combining sustainability, innovation and digitalization in their Berlin talks.

They were joined in debates and talks throughout the visit by prominent industrial leaders from both Germany and Sweden, representing some of the most well-known companies in Europe. Other established organizations such as the Swedish 2030-secretariat, the Fraunhofer Society, Swedish Royal Academy of engineering and Chalmers University of Technology participated both off and on stage.

The interest in NEVS’ all electrical philosophy was especially noteworthy, and the discussions and networking were intense. For NEVS, this visit meant yet another important step towards further recognition of their vision of shaping mobility for a more sustainable future.