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Relaxed Saab 9-3 cruising at 200kph (125mph) on German Autobahn

Saab 9-3 Aero V6 on Highway

German Autobahn drivers are excellent. It’s much harder to get a license in Germany because of a required expensive and lengthy driving course and an more difficult driving exam. Many parts of the Autobahn are only two lane. The surface of the Autobahn is impeccably maintained and very smooth. Still, 90% of German drivers rarely exceed 120-130 km/h, even if they could… and also, you often cannot.

It is a myth that everyone drives 200+ all the time on the German highway. But, when it is possible (no speed limit, little traffic) there will be enough people driving 180-200 and some even going well over that.

This is interesting video taken from Saab 9-3 SS Diesel on the Autobahn. YouTuber Andrei has several videoscruising at around 200 km/h on German Autobahn. Regardless of the high speed, Saab is actually very quiet, although you hear a louder music:

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