Quantum SAAB two-stroke powered races again

The Quantum Two (SAAB two-stroke powered) was built by Walter Kern in 1959 and raced alongside the Quantum One in the early 60’s. We know for sure that it raced at the Marlboro track in Maryland (USA) in the 1961 6-hour enduro for sports cars.

To the best of our knowledge, it hasn’t been on the track since. That is, until this video was shot at the VSCCA event at Pocono International Raceway April 12th and 13th.

The car utilizes a completely stock SAAB three cylinder 750cc two-stroke engine from a SAAB 93 and a 4 speed gearbox from a SAAB 95. The suspension is also SAAB. Gauges are from a SAAB GT 750. Eventually, I will build a proper race-prepared engine to match the one the car had originally, but for now this one has to do.

This car owned by Stefan Vapaa.