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Push-Me-Pull-You Saab 96

Push-Me-Pull-You Saab-96

This unique Saab 96 type “Push Me Pull You” was noticed some twenty years ago by a local journalist in Florida.

According to local American newspapers at the time, this strange sight, spotted outside a drive-in restaurant in Florida by local journalist Jeremy Wakelin, turned out to be the front ends of two Saab 96 models welded together behind the front passenger seat mountings.

The original owner of the restaurant was apparently a Saab Fanatic enthusiast and decided to display his admiration for the marque by erecting this unique monument outside his premises. Unfortunately, from this time distance we were unable to learn more about this strange car and details about the inspirer and owner.

But this combination of joining the two front-ends is not unknown to us. Regular readers of the blog remember that we had a couple of similar constructions, but then it was about connecting the front ends of two different car models.

Half Saab half Alfa Romeo limo
Half Saab half Alfa Romeo limo

Just remember Christian Ivarsson’s strange projects based on Saab cars. The team of the Top Gear TV show went a step further, when in the same way as the Saab enthusiast from Florida – they connected the two front ends of two different cars. One of those two vehicles was a Saab 9000, and the other was an Alfa Romeo 164. Interestingly, Top Gear chose two cars that were created on the same development “Type Four” platform and thus got the The Salfa Romeaab, also called as the Alfaab – hybrid car.

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