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Project Suicide Saab

Saab 9-5 - Project Suicide SaabSaab 9-5 - Project Suicide Saab

This Saab project has a weird name, but it is an interesting tuning project.

Author of the project Cam Alexander has created a special FB page where he is tracking “the evolving saga of the sketchiest Saab to ever exist: the tetanus-inducing, old person offending Saab 9-5.

If only a little review this project, you will see that is awesome Saab project and we Can’t wait for this to be finished.

Project Suicide Saab
Project Suicide Saab

Project Suicide Saab started two years ago, and the author of the project is on the car made a lot of changes and improvements. Most of the changes he made last year, which you can see in a special 2016 Gallery.

For those of you who have wondered, here’s a rough list of what he has done to the Saab:

  • Swede Fleet Tuning custom tuning
  • Freshly rebuilt B234/B235 hybrid motor, 8.5:1 compression
  • GS balance shaft delete
  • Gasket matched head
  • 254/252 b202 camshafts
  • Ported intake manifold
  • Bosch 1600cc injectors
  • 3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator (Running ~1850cc of e85)
  • Trust top mount 304 stainless UEL turbo manifold
  • Stainless/zinc manifold hardware
  • Turbonetics 5862 turbo
  • Custom 3″ downpipe and full 3″
  • 5 bolt to v band exhaust housing adapter
  • Dope ass Spectre air filter with custom piping
  • Gold foil intake heat shield
  • Aluminum 2.5″ charge pipe with heat shielding
  • Catch can with -10AN stainless hose
  • eBay Tial replica BOV
  • VSR 44mm wastegate with custom vband flange
  • 1.75″ wastegate screamer pipe with heat wrap
  • Custom 72W LED headlights
  • CXR intercooler
  • 15 row external oil cooler with -10AN stainless line
  • Mugen Type R front lip
  • Fiberglass fender flares
  • Custom steering wheel
  • NRG quick release and other equipment
  • Custom sports seat
  • Potenza RE11 275/35/18 tires all around
  • Fiberglass rear wing
  • Custom carbon fiber wing risers
  • 4″ exit NRG hollow muffler
Saab Mean Machine
Saab Mean Machine

we want the author to successfully complete the project, and If you find this project interesting go follow his page for the exciting next few months of getting everything fabbed up.