Peter Hafmar is New Autonomous Drive Strategist of NEVS

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Peter Hafmar has been hired as the new Autonomous Drive Strategist of NEVS. He will step into his new position by October 5, 2020.

According to the official announcement from the company NEVS, Peter took office exactly one month ago, and so far he has been the President of Nobina Technology and is also a member of the board of Drive Sweden, so he has a great experience in this domain.

Peter has worked for Nobina, the Nordic region’s largest operator in public transport, since 2016. Under his leadership, Nobina has, among other things, launched the world’s first line of self-driving buses and a completely new mobility service, Travis.

“It will be very exciting to start working for NEVS. I believe my understanding of how to use different operating systems in public transport can be useful in my new role. I also have a long experience of the automotive industry from various roles and believe I can contribute to a holistic understanding of how the autonomous technology fits in,” says Peter Hafmar.

Peter Hafmar will report to Anna Haupt, VP Mobility Solutions, and member of the NEVS management team.