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Pete Vella’s Big Turbo Trionic 5 SAAB 900 8V

Tuned Saab 900 8v

Here’s another interesting Saab video from 949 Productions. Here is Swedish Street Performance”s big turbo 1980 trionic 5 SAAB 900 8V.

This car hosts a huge list of mods including Ported head, 630cc injectors, Holset 35 Turbo, custom fuel rail, custom tubular manifold by (FTW Welding), full stainless exhaust, Ryan Higbee downpipe, Dale Mahaffy catback exhaust, Bosch 044 fuel pump, and tuned by Mike D.

Pete Vella owns the car and did all the mechanical work himself. Author of the viddeo had an absolute blast hanging out with Pete and Zach talking SAAB and reliving old memories. Now, some will like this style, and some will not like it.

JUst Listen to that unreal sound, That wastegate sound, wow…  It sounds awesome! The 8v sounds waaaay different then the 16v.

The car looks sharp, and it’s really like that. It’s fully capable over 300hp for the trans, and Pete won’t go much more than where it’s at now. A safe guess would be around 280whp and 300wtq his clutch is suppose to be good for 300wtq and it slips hard. 

Hit that HD button for the best viewing results.

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