Perfect setup for a phone in the Saab 9-5

This is interesting review of the Brodit Procliphigh mounting bracket for the Saab 9-5 and the active holder for fixed installation for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

This is close to being the perfect setup for a phone in the car. The proclip mounts the phone in the perfect position, always accessible but never in the way. The only thing missing now is a good AUX system.

Creator of this video have modified the holder to include an NFC tag. This tag tells the phone that it is docked, so whenever I dock the phone it starts the car dock app and never turns off the screen. When  remove the phone, it senses the NFC tag removal and turns the phone back to normal.

Android apps used:

Car Home Ultra…

Part numbers for the products in this video:
Brodit Proclip Mounting Bracket for Saab 9-5: 213449…

Brodit Active holder for Samsung Galaxy S5: 513623…

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  • Nice video.

    Agree the Brodit Proclip one of best for Saab 9-5.
    Even better when using Bluetooth from someone like cdconnect. One less cable!
    One thing your video does not mention (how would you know) is that the proclip mount you use is not available in RHD cars. Only LHD – shame because I agree it does not interfere with anything.
    So in Scotland- no luck, I have to use alternative.
    Well done on your channel, I enjoy your videos.
    If you like saabs, you. An find mine from Scottish meets and trackdays over on Vimeo, search under SOULFIRER TV.

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