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Per Gillbrand – A real Turbo Man

Per Gillbrand

This week we remember Per Sune Evaldsson Gillbrand, called Turbopelle or Mr Turbo. Per was successful in controlling the boost pressure, which made Saab the first car manufacturer to offer turbocharged engines in passenger cars on a large scale.

Per Gillbrand was the turbo genius who put Saab on the map with the turbo engine. He’s the man behind the turbo technology and is one of Sweden’s most internationally famous engineers. Thanks to his inventions almost all the cars around the world today have turbo. see the video story of this remarkable man and innovator:

After retiring Per Gillbrand continued his technological wonders in his basement where he developed the compression engine. When turning 80, he took his self-designed mini-motors to Stockholm and held a big motor show – telling the history, showing details and playing the engine sound – at the Berwaldhallen concert hall.

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