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Patterned Carbon Engine Bay Covers for Saab

Saab Carbon engine covers

Known Saab tuning house A-Zperformance from from Hungary has offered new interesting products for Saab.

in their web store you can now find The carbon patterned inside and outside (engine bay) covers. The pattern is made of special procedure and thanks to the technique, it is almost every shape fits perfectly and heat protected up to 120 degree Celsius.

Of course, every piece is hand made product. The pieces are available individually or in set, where you can save money. You can choose from 3 different carbon pattern.

First, Saab 9-3 SS 1.8-2.0t carbon patterned engine cover (77,08 EUR without VAT):

Saab Carbon engine covers

Saab 9-3 SS (03-11) carbon patterned battery cover (77,08 EUR without VAT):

Saab 9-3SS (03-11) carbon patterned battery cover

Saab 9-3SS carbon patterned Air Filter box top cover:

Saab 9-3SS carbon patterned air filter box top cover

And that’s not all, there are new carbon Saab interior elements:

Carbon Saab interior elements

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  • I tried to find this stuff on their web site but could not find it. Can you please provide the link?

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