Orio signs 5 year contract with Opel/PSA Group

Orio AB

We have decided to continue our successful, long-term cooperation with Orio Logistics because of their strong customer-focus and high flexibility. Our biggest challenge is to have the right level of inventory and a balance in customer service. Orio Logistics helps us to achieve that goal and over the years they have performed well and become a trusted partner for all our spare parts distribution in the Nordics”, says Jeff Fullam, manager in charge of Opel’s third-party logistics relationships.

Orio Logistics has a modern, automated warehouse for rapid and responsive handling of pallets and crates. The warehouse has been the established natural hub for Opel’s distribution to more than 500 dealers in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The facility is strategically localized close to main intercontinental highways, a large harbor, airport and railway and it is only about 100 kilometers away from Stockholm.

“We make RFQs regularly and we follow the third-party logistics market closely and evaluate alternative service providers. Orio Logistics are competitive and meets our high demands on quality, flexibility and reliability,” Jeff Fullam explains.

”We are proud that Opel choose to continue our cooperation at least five more years. For us it´s a proof of our ability to constantly improve our operation and meet Opel´s demands, says Jonas Nilson, Head of Operations at Orio.

In March 2017 GM Europe (Opel and Vauxhall) was acquired by French PSA Group. The new owner thereby became Europe’s second largest automaker and has an aggressive future expansion plan.