Old Saab 92 V6 Griffin with 300 hp!

Yes, this is the Saab 92, which stuck V6 3.0 B308E from Saab 9-5 1999. In our modern world  this “procedure” is called a buzzword – SWAP / SWAPO that means – sharing, exchange. In this case the replacement of the motor and transmission.

Saab 92 V6 Griffin


Word swap has long been part of the lexicon of tunersWith this new motor and an automatic transmission it’s got a whole snout full of power that wasn’t there before. 

Saab 92 V6 Griffin

From the photo below, you can see that the interior of the 92nd caught the rhythm of modern traffic comfort, it has become much more compact: it is ventilated leather seats, a steering wheel, dashboard and even information display, and radio with CD-player.

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